We welcomed three very interesting guest speakers to our recent club meeting – two delightful girls who are agency staff helping out at a local Aged Care Home – Tee and Eunice and Ugo who got engaged to Tee 3 weeks ago.  The three have been in the Merimbula area for one week and they came to tell us their story of how they came to be Australians.
Tee’s family are from Zimbabwe and came to Australia when she was 12 years old with her 8 siblings.  Her mother was a nurse and her Mum & Dad saw it as an amazing opportunity and have never regretted the move.
Eunice, is half Filipina and half Nigerian and was born in Australia 23 years ago and normally lives in Western Sydney.  Growing up in Australia was amazing.  She is training to be a social worker.
Ugo is from Nigeria and is 35 years old.  He is the son of 2 diplomats who moved to Australia in 1996.  He has five siblings and is the 2nd eldest and is engaged to Tee.  He went to school in Canberra and feels more Australian than Nigerian.  He has had the opportunity to travel all over the world and feels Australia is the best country in the World.
We wish them all every success with their future careers and our congratulations to Tee and Ugo on their forthcoming wedding.  We hope to see them again for an update as to how everything is working out for them very soon.