Ten of our members enjoyed a very informative morning on 8 December, learning all about how to make compost from the collection of FOGO from our refuse bins.  Our thanks to Mick for organising our tour, Glen, Darcy & Gemma
from Bega Valley Shire Council for sharing their extensive knowledge of the work involved in this process to stop organic waste going into landfill.  Organic matter creates methane as it decomposes, a greenhouse gas about 80 times more potent than CO2.
The Bega Valley was one of the first Councils to introduce the Food Organics Garden Organics bin collection service to the Bega Valley to turn their food and garden waste into high quality compost instead of putting it into landfill.  Remember, brown cardboard can be put into your green bin, if it is put into the recycling bin it gets transported to Canberra.  Just imagine the number of lorries on our roads transporting all our recycling waste. The facility processes 26,000 m3 a year and the BVSC would like to expand this with new machinery to better serve the community.
Compost is available to purchase at very reasonable prices for trailer collection and later as bagged product.