The Rotary Club of Merimbula has always been a great supporter of Marine Rescue and last December it shared its 2020 New Year’s Eve Market stall takings and donations to the “Let the Sun Shine” project. The project is raising funds to cover the roof of the Marine Rescue Merimbula base in Spencer Park with solar panels.  Those entering the market were greeted by members of Rotary Club Merimbula and Marine Rescue who asked them to contribute any spare change in the ‘wishing wells’ at the market entrance. 
On Wednesday 3 February Sue Jellis, the President of Rotary Merimbula met with Unit Commander Sonia Teston and Deputy Unit Commander Bill Blakeman to present the Marine Rescue Merimbula unit with the results of that collaboration – a cheque for $3,275.
“We were stunned” said Unit Commander Sonia Teston “Locals and visitors were extremely generous, and the outcome surprised all involved. The money will be put towards our savings for solar panels to help reduce our large electricity bills. The high-powered marine radios and computer systems used daily to monitor the marine radios for any vessels in distress create an continual high financial expense. The solar panels will not only be better for the environment, but greatly reduce our costs."
“Community support makes all the difference to volunteer organisations like Marine Rescue Merimbula” said Unit Commander Sonia Teston. “And we are so grateful for the support given to us by Rotary Merimbula members and the people of Merimbula and surrounds”.