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Merimbula Market Nov 2020                                                      
Information Sheet No. 30
Focus Group
October was a good monthly market as we get more practise with our CV 19 Safety Plans to protect us & move into our busiest time of the year. Our terms of trading are changing to prepayment of sites to reduce cash handling.
Book any market through to JUN 2021 online & receive $5 / month discount.
Market Safety – Vehicle Movement
A safety notice was issued because of near miss vehicle movements. It’s simple, on entry if you Know Your Site head left, if you need to check your Site Allocation head right & be patient.
Don’t pull out of line and overtake and Be aware of other moving vehicles.
Operating in Covid World
We operate according to our registered CV19 Safety Plans & have new rules for Stallholders.
You need to comply with the rules. You may complete & operate your own plan.
Think - You & staff wellbeing, Hygiene & safety, Physical Distancing & Density,
NSW Victoria Border Bubble
Hi Vic’s & Vicky’s can you attend the market yet? checkout Border Bubble Travel NSW & Victoria surely you must able to join in the fun soon!
Rotary Club of Merimbula Website
See how we are supporting the community via:  packed with Rotary news, stories, general & market information & why you should join us.
The ‘Monthly Market’ tag on for market news, booking guide, bulletins, terms & conditions for stallholders.
It is your responsibility to Secure your sites. For assistance contact the Market Manager.
What else are we offering?
First Aid Contact trained staff at Rotary stall or Market phone Safety First with First Aid.
Buskers All welcome new acts from November        Exploit your talent for loose change.
Breakfast service Bacon & egg Rolls a favourite       Our community profits from your delights.
Natural break Call 0429 855 623 Rotary volunteer  We’ll stand-in while you pop-out.
Wishing well fund-raising Your donations                 Rebuilding a Resilient & Safer Community.
Terms & Conditions “Mirror mirror on the wall…”   Read our terms on the website.
Enquiries to Market Manager 0429 855 623 &