Merimbula Market October 2021                                                                                
Information Sheet No. 41
Focus Group
We’re on again with October Market back in full swing. Running under the Covid Safety Plan we need to be ever vigilant until we are adequately vaccinated for community safety. Follow progress & ideas on & see us at work on community projects.
Covid World. Delta is out of the box, but a combination of vaccination and sensible behaviour will see its affect weakening, while cases numbers grow. The end of the jungle is in sight for most of us. “War does not determine who is right - only who is left.” Bertrand Russell.
Mask up, 4m^2 each, 2m spacing. Stick to our approved CV19 Safety Plans & stay within the Rules. Check out:  for latest info. Focus on:
You & staff wellbeing, Hygiene & safety, Physical Distancing & Density, Light PPE / masks
NEW YEAR EVE Market 31st December 2021 – 10am to 3pm. Bookings open 4th October on  We will be adding attractions as Covid permits so check details on the website. To compensate for Covid cancelled markets (Aug & Sep), Annual ticket holders will be allocated sites automatically at no charge.
Merimbula Monthly Market July 2021 to June 2022
October keeps the Pavilion layout and releases more sites to match the ‘traditional’ site demand and is embedded in the booking system. With Covid easing, warmer, brighter days we should see a popular market. All markets up to June 22 can be booked via:
If you want to tag your favourite site, contact us by email.
It is your responsibility to Secure your sites. Our terms of trading favour online booking.
Wheels & Keels Market is selling anything that floats or moves on wheels. Rotary BBQ, coffee van & fun. Next market has yet to be announced so keep checking the website.
Merimbula Town Producers Market No action being taken to regenerate this event at present.
Rotary Club of Merimbula Website
See how we are supporting the community via:
Click Monthly Market’ & ‘Wheels & Keels Market for news, booking guide, bulletins & terms.
What else are we offering?
First Aid Contact trained staff at Rotary stall or Market phone Safety First with First Aid.
Buskers All welcome IF Covid restrictions allow       Exploit your talent for loose change.
Breakfast service Bacon & egg Rolls a favourite       Our community profits from your delights.
Natural break Call 0429 855 623 Rotary volunteer  We’ll stand-in while you pop-out.
Wishing well fund-raising Your donations are          Rebuilding a Resilient & Safer Community.
Terms & Conditions "We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out" Read our terms on the website.
Enquiries to Market Manager 0429 855 623 &