Merimbula Market April 2022                                                                            
Information Sheet No. 47
Focus Group
Improving Efficiency With a limited number of volunteers and members travelling over winter we are finding ways to be more efficient in our operation.
Our SHEP ticket for stallholders without their own Insurance is proving it’s worth & popularity.
Safety & Wellbeing We continue to monitor physical & medical risks and urge you to be aware of the environment, weather conditions, & still protect yourselves, especially if unvaccinated.
Covid World. We are living with it, cases increasing as severity falls.  Check best advice on: Protection is now largely your personal choice. If you get sick, follow the reporting and isolation advice of NSW gov.
Stallholder Enabling Package (SHEP) offers a range of services to assist casual stallholder at the market. Stallholders require their own Public Liability Insurance and SHEP fills a gap.
Merimbula Monthly Market July 2021 to June 2022 We’ve made it to Easter without really bumping into summer. Wild weather has taken over from Covid disruption as the world polarizes the struggle for freedom over autocracy.
The Easter Sunday should be a bumper market, lots of visitors and many new stalls.
Join us and book all markets up to June 22 via:
It is your responsibility to Secure your sites. Our terms of trading favour online booking.
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Our March Wishing Well donations raised $1873 that is being routed through Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) National Flood Relief Appeal to help people with losses not covered by insurance or government. Rotary is already assisting Ukrainians as they flee or try to survive war brought upon them by Russia. April’s donations will be routed via RAWCS to join the work of many Rotary Clubs Worldwide - especially in Ukraine. You can donate directly via
What else are we offering?
First Aid Contact trained staff at Rotary stall or Market phone Safety First with First Aid.
Buskers All welcome & spaces available       Exploit your talent for loose change.
Breakfast service Bacon & egg Rolls a favourite     Our community profits from your delights.
Natural break Call 0429 855 623 Rotary volunteer  We’ll stand-in while you pop-out.
Wishing well fund-raising Your donations are         Rebuilding a Resilient & Safer Community.
Terms & Conditions "..we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms…freedom of speech & expression…freedom of worship…freedom from want… freedom from fear.. that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbour” US President FDR  6 Jan 1941      Read our terms on the website.
Enquiries to Market Manager 0429 855 623 &