Merimbula Market Covid 19 Safety Plan Overview
Merimbula Market operates under NSW State Law & Regulations, Public Health Orders and a Registered Covid 19 Safety Plan.
Stallholders are obligated to abide by the plan under the Terms of Trading, failure to do so could lead to exclusion from the Market.
Refer to our website, tab Monthly Market for details of the market plan.
Below is a summary of the key points of The Market CV19 SP Rev 2, based on NSW gov PHO (4).
Stallholders are required to support & enact the instruction below
Wellbeing of staff and customers
Exclude staff & customers who have:
Covid symptoms, 
Returned from overseas OR 'Hotspots' within the last 14 days.
Physical distancing
Display & Ensure Social Distancing:
1.5 m between people,
4 sqm per person.
500 people max in the market.
Keep free flow of visitors.
If seating ensure 1.5m space.
Cashless payment preferred.
Handle Cash with gloves, wash and sanitize hands frequently.
Hygiene and cleaning
Encourage hand cleansing.
Avoid close contact.  Refrain from hugs, kisses and handshakes.
Cover your nose and mouth generally - cough or sneezing in a tissue or a flexed elbow.
Have sanitizer on your stall.
Limit handling of goods & Spray disinfect handled goods where possible.
Wear light PPE gloves, face mask, glasses.
Food stalls
More than 4 sqm per person & 1.5 m between persons, no mingling.
Use FoGo friendly cutlery & containers for immediate disposal.
Use double bags in Rubbish bins. Tie & seal bags.
Frequent cleaning & disinfected wipedown of surfaces.
Record keeping
Stallholders data will be held & may be transmitted to NSW Health.
No specific requirements for Stallholders to keep records of visitors or customers.
Certain businesses should have their own CV19 Safety Plan. Follow the guide on this link & choose the most appropriate for your type of business:
Alternatively follow the general plan & advice on:
Be aware of the Regulations. See link below. There are penalties for non compliance.
Plan your  work & Work your plan. Be polite but firm with people NOT complying with the regulations.
Advise Rotary of any breaches of Covid Regulations, anti social behaviour, deliberate unprotected coughing or sneezing or events that might promote virus transmission.  Help us all to stay safe.
Be aware that some people have a fear of Covid and may react negatively to the market event. Some may take a on a self appointed role of "Covid Cops", so be sure you are compliant and give no reason to provoke otherwise well intentioned scrutiny or commentary of our Safe Operations.
Rotary will monitor general behaviour to ensure compliance. Please work with us to protect ourselves & our community
Stay Safe & keep our Community Safe