It's a happy day when Sue Jellis, Merimbula Rotary and Liz Bellette-Stubbs, Pambula Rotary can be close enough to hold a cheque for $2,000! Both Rotary Clubs wish to thank everyone for supporting this year's International Women's Day event that raised $2,000 for Bushfire Recovery in the Bega Shire. 
Sonia Teston, Merimbula Marine Rescue
There was a good turn out to Rotary's International Women's Day 2020, March 6th at the Merimbula RSL Club.  Our guest speaker, Dr Sandra Cabot, gave a very informative and entertaining talk.  Dr Cabot pioneered the detox and cleanse paradigm and is well known for her book, The Liver Cleansing Diet. In addition to conducting health seminars around the world and maintaining active medical practices, Dr Cabot uses her own aircraft to provide free transport for patients with severe disabilities in remote Australian areas. 
Sophie Longden was Master of Ceremonies from the ABC, Marna Smith gave a presentation of her new film, and the 2020 local Woman of Substance Award for this year's event was presented to Sonia Teston from Merimbula Marine Rescue - a very well deserved award, congratulations Sonia!
All monies raised from the sale of Dr Cabot's books, at the end of the event, will be assigned to the Bushfire Relief/Recovery Fund in the Bega Valley Shire as determined by the three Sapphire Coast Rotary Clubs.  Thank you, Dr Cabot, for your generosity.  We have all learnt something from her presentation and look forward to reading her books.
If you or your family and friends would like to make a donation to the Bushfire Relief/Recovery Fund, the link to donate is shown below.  Donations are tax deductible.
A big thank you to the RSL Club for the delicious meal and to the organisers.  Everyone, had a very enjoyable day.
Sue & Jenny, two of the ladies on the Organising Committee
Your health is your greatest asset
Dr Sandra Cabot
With a medical career spanning over four decades, Dr Sandra Cabot is globally respected and renowned. Dr Cabot’s passion has always been in holistic medicine, marrying her knowledge and skills of traditional medicine with nutrition, naturopathy and Eastern medicines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and using these skills to improve the life, health and wellness of patients around Australia and the world. Dr Cabot pioneered the detox and cleanse paradigm with her global success, The Liver Cleansing Diet, book in 1996. Dr Cabot’s book The Liver Cleansing Diet won the Australian People’s Choice Award and has been translated into 11 languages. Dr Cabot has written 30 popular books on different health topics.

Dr Cabot is a pilot and uses her Beechcraft Baron aircraft to do regular work for the Angel Flight Charity, which provides free transport for patients with severe disabilities in remote Australian areas. Dr Cabot’s aircraft has done nearly 200 flights since January 2007 for the Angel Flight Charity. Dr Cabot also uses her jet for Medevac Flights, a government initiative that provides emergency medical evacuations to patients within the Asia-Pacific region. It covers the various islands around Australia that lack in First World medical emergency facilities, for instance, heart, spinal, brain, various issues that require specialised treatment.

Dr Cabot has conducted health seminars all over the world and has been asked to lecture for numerous health organisations such as The American Liver Foundation and the Annual Hepatitis Symposium. Dr Cabot continues to do many health seminars, most of which raise thousands of dollars for local charities.
Dr Cabot maintains active medical practices in Camden, Canberra, Adelaide and Merimbula.