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Merimbula Market July 2021
Information Sheet No. 38                                                                                                                                        
Focus Group
The new financial year and we are all set with new ideas and markets. Keep in touch and follow the website as we unfold the excitement.
Merimbula Monthly Market July 2021 to June 2022
A seasonally adjusted variation of the Pavilion concept to match the site demand.
ANNUAL payment option is now closed. Thanks to all those able to make this commitment.
MONTHLY markets can be booked from 1st JULY 2021 for all markets July 21 to June 22 via:
The booking system is unchanged, respect name tagged sites for regular stallholders.
Our terms of trading will continue to favour online booking of sites to reduce cash handling.
It is your responsibility to Secure your sites.
Paying cash regularly? – pay in advance to secure your site. Stay one step ahead. Pay in July for Jul & Aug, & then pay in Aug for Sep. For assistance contact the Market Manager.
Site is Right New Cone Positioning helping in the dark. Your Site is to the Right of the cone. Cones at the Back on the Arena Row sites at the Front on the Boundary sites to drive in.
Wheels & Keels Market
This NEW market kicks off Saturday, 3 July 2021 selling anything that floats or moves on wheels. Gates open 8am for market 9am to 1pm, clear-out by 1:30pm.  $20 on the day - no advanced booking required, Free entry for buyers & snoopers, Rotary BBQ, coffee van & fun.
Merimbula Town Producers Market is in hibernation, should a brilliant butterfly emerge? Let me know the ending you want for this fairy tale.
Covid World. Here we go again. Get jabbed to break the cycle. This strain is serious & virulent. Mask up, 4m^2 each, 2m from your pals. Stick to our approved CV19 Safety Plans & stay within the Rules.  Focus on:
You & staff wellbeing, Hygiene & safety, Physical Distancing & Density, Light PPE / masks
Rotary Club of Merimbula Website
See how we are supporting the community via:
Click the ‘Monthly Market’ & ‘Wheels & Keels Market’ tags for market news, booking guide, bulletins, terms & conditions.
What else are we offering?
First Aid Contact trained staff at Rotary stall or Market phone Safety First with First Aid.
Buskers All welcome to come & play - free cash      Exploit your talent for loose change.
Breakfast service Bacon & egg Rolls a favourite     Our community profits from your delights.
Natural break Call 0429 855 623 Rotary volunteer  We’ll stand-in while you pop-out.
Wishing well fund-raising Your donations are         Rebuilding a Resilient & Safer Community.
Terms & Conditions “This ain't a song for the broken-hearted, No silent prayer for faith-departed…
It’s my Life, It’s now or never …”                                Read our terms on the website.
Enquiries to Market Manager 0429 855 623 &