AG - Area Governor the Area Governor also known as an Assistant Governor
Adam de Totth Current AG 9705
In the newly merged Districts in Australia and New Zealand the role of Area Governors has taken over from Assistant Governors. Area Governors are usually elected for a period of three years. They have to have served as a President of a Club. Their main role is to support the Clubs in their Area, in District 9705 they look after or support 15 clubs. They also act as a support for the District Governor and are in communication regularly with the District Governor. The Area Governor is a resource person available to Clubs and Club Presidents.
RID - Rotary International Director
Noel past RID
Each Zone, of which there are 34 Zones globally, is represented by a Rotarian who has been elected as the Director representing that Zone. There are 17 Directors of Rotary International meaning a Director is responsible for two Zones. A Director from our Zone,      which is Zone 8, also has responsibility for Zone 10. Zone 8 consists of Australia, New Zealand, and all the South Pacific Islands. Zone 10 consists of the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Singapore. A Director has to have a broad knowledge of Rotary and served as a District Governor plus filled other roles at the Zone level and International level. They are elected after an interview by a panel representing all districts across the Zone. This is done in September 21 months prior to taking on the role.  The Director is responsible for all training at the Zone Institute and has responsibility for the Zone Institute/Conference. They take on those roles until the following Director takes up their position. The Director appoints people to various roles across the Zone. It is mandatory to attend all Board meetings and International Conventions and International Assemblies. They will Chair a number of committees over their time of tenure.
Acronyms 3
Rotary Australia World Community Service is a multi-district entity which means all districts in Australia were involved in the setting up of the organisation. It was established so that districts were able to pool resources, funds to help in emergencies such as floods, fires, droughts etc.
RAWCS is able to access funds through Global Grants from The Rotary Foundation.
Philanthropist Dick Smith has given RAWCS $1M on two different occasions. These funds are to be used to help families and individuals who have needs in specific areas. Up to $15,000 can be given out to one designated project, this is to be matched by the equivalent amount from Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, Districts or individuals.
Recently RAWCS was involved in the supply of fodder for drought affected farmers in Queensland this was done in conjunction with Channel Nine, together ten million dollars was raised to help farmers in need.
RAWCS funds are used in a variety of ways across Australia and the South Pacific.
Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children. ROMAC brings children from the South Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea to Australia for medical treatment that they would not be able to receive in their own country.
ROMAC pays for flights for the child and an accompanying adult to the city where the operations will be carried out. Some children may be here in Australia for up to twelve months as they may need multiple operations. The child and their accompanying adult will be hosted by a Rotary family during their stay. The host family play a big part in the patient’s life taking on all costs for food, outings etc.  The surgeons and medical teams provide their services at no cost as do the hospitals. Sandra and Brian Goldstraw, from Canberra, have hosted around twenty children and their accompanying carers over a number of years.